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Wall-Mounted Space Aluminum Pot Cover Storage Rack

Wall-Mounted Space Aluminum Pot Cover Storage Rack

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Introducing our Aluminium Pot Lid Holder Storage Racks – Perfect Storage Solutions for Compact British Kitchens!

Bid farewell to the hassle of overcrowded cupboards with our Aluminium Pot Lid Holder Storage Racks. These elegant and space-efficient organisers are the ideal answer for kitchens with limited cupboard space, offering a practical and stylish means of neatly storing pot lids while maintaining a tidy and accessible cooking area.


Model: aluminium pot lid holder

Material: Space Aluminium

Colour: Black

Surface Treatment: Oxidised

Style: modern minimalist

No hole punching & no punching double installation method

Self-installation does not hurt the wall                       

Stronger bearing capacity, suitable for all kinds of walls



Kitchen needs storage

Increase space in seconds

Multifunctional pot lid holder - neatly stored


More than just a pot holder

Lay plates, frying pans, pot lids, etc.


New options for storage and efficient use of small kitchen space



Clever use of corner space, practicality and beauty coexist:


You can match it however you want, there is always something that suits you


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