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Magnetic Fridge Storage Box

Magnetic Fridge Storage Box

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style 9: kawaii desk organizer

style 8: bottle holder

style 7: korean desk organizer

style 6: pen holder

style 5: Desk pencil holder

style 4: office organizers

style 3: desk assessories

style 24: office accessories

style 23: pencil organizer

style 22: stationery organizer

style 21: pen holder desk organizer

style 20: Storage desk

style 2: desk organizer

style 19: desk organizer

style 18: Desk pencil holder

style 17: desk accessories

style 16: pencil holder

style 15: office organizations

style 14: Desk pen holder

style 13: kawaii desk accessories

style 12: Pencil case

style 11: Desk accessories

style 10: Desk accessory

style 1: Organizers desk

Type: Pen Holders

Style: Other

Shape: Round


Model Number: aa

Material: CRYSTAL

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