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9 Inch Perforated Pizza Paddle

9 Inch Perforated Pizza Paddle

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The 9-inch Pizza Paddle is a kitchen tool specifically designed for making and serving pizza. This paddle is typically made of wood, metal, or silicone and is used to transfer pizza from a pizza stone or baking sheet to a cutting board or serving platter.

The 9-inch Pizza Paddle is the perfect size for most home ovens and is ideal for making and serving medium-sized pizzas. The handle of the paddle provides a comfortable grip and allows for easy manoeuvring, while the flat, wide surface of the paddle provides ample space for lifting and turning the pizza.

In addition to its functionality, the 9-inch Pizza Paddle is also an attractive and stylish kitchen accessory. Many pizza paddles are made of beautiful, natural wood that adds a touch of rustic charm to your kitchen. Some metal paddles are also designed with a decorative pattern or intricate design that adds a touch of style to your kitchen.

In conclusion, the 9-inch Pizza Paddle is a practical and stylish kitchen tool that is essential for anyone who loves making and serving pizza. Whether you're a seasoned pizza chef or simply love a good slice, this paddle is an excellent choice for making and serving delicious and perfectly-cooked pizza.

Brand Name: Pizzathome
Pizza Tools Type: Pizza Peels
Material: Metal
Type: Pizza Tools
Total Size: 1 Meter (39.9 inch)
Color: Dark Grey
Peel Size: 9 inch (23cm)
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Spraying Technology: Hard Coating
Heat Resistance: 300 ℃
Usage: To turning over the pizza to make it get cooked equably
Handle: Removable
Wash: Hand Wash, not suggest to wash in dish washer
Package: Box

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